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We create. We believe in the power of creativity and business. No matter what exactly to create: to open a retail space, to design a rock show, to write a book, to rebrand a state-owned bank, to roll out a new brand for car accessories, to publish a magazine, to release a collection of clothes, or to build a multimedia hub. We seek to create, create whatever.
The world without you would have been different. Do you know what exactly you want to create with our help? welcome@fedoriv.com 

We work in three main areas: Branding, Inspiration, and Investment

We merged business and creativity
We focus on comprehensive solutions
We see things from the owner-perspective as well as with respect to investment return.
we create brands for a new
The information revolution has changed the world
Traditional strategies and business models become inefficient
The new economy emerges — here a brand outranks a product, and feeling outranks owning
The new economy is not about having a profile in social media or having a website, but this is a special format of interaction with a consumer
In the new economy, a brand is the unique, integral and emotion-packed world
We create precisely these brands

New brand

We create a brand as an integral world that incorporates a brand strategy, name, design, package, creative platform, brand content and ad campaign

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We have a vast experience in rebranding major corporations and niche companies

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Retail branding

Our team of retail experts create the spaces you would want to take a plunge into

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Brand strategy

Every strategy we develop is based on a deep insight into a consumer, his emotions and drivers. We create a unique idea for the brand that morphs a product and an entire company.

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Brand name

There are over 30 million registered trademarks. Even so, we still offer unique solutions

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We create integrated identity systems, from marks and colors to office architecture and package materials

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Communication campaign

We develop creative platforms, brand content, TV, non-TV and all-through campaigns 360° for all types of business entities

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Brand consulting

We are practitioners with over a 15-year expertise in rebranding. We do prevent million-dollars worth failures

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The Brand is the Soul of Business: Unique methodology how to create and manage brands

The Brand is the Soul of Business is a step-by-step algorithm and a toolkit enabling you to shift from scattershot ad campaigns to a consistent brand management, to encourage employees and to skyrocket growth.

The methodology is based on our hands-on experience in CIS countries and the analysis of our brand projects launched under harsh conditions of money and time limits, and when international practices required local adjustments.

The methodology works regardless of a type or scope of business and the market a company operates on.

We are fully responsible for every aspect of a brand

After creating a strategy, we do not consider our job complete. We still bring forward and implement ideas. We make conclusions and come up with solutions that we are ready to put in place.

Design thinking

Design is one of the most powerful branding tools.

In 2003, we established the KARANDASH Design Bureau that became a design department for FEDORIV in 2011.

Its team includes 11 experts headed by chief designer Vitaliy Parfiliyev.

We create not just a logo, but a comprehensive identity system that incorporates all visual manifestations of the brand.

Digital communication

Technologies have dramatically changed the way how people buy, what they dream of and how they live.

Creating a holistic comprehension is impossible, with only traditional communication channels involved. We create the world of the brand, meaning an integrated eco-system filled in with content.

Retail department

We develop turn-key retail projects.

Merging multiple formats, we provide a new brand experience. In the new economy, retailing means opening cafes in traditional banks, opening restaurants at gas stations, and opening clothing shops at drugstores.

We rolled out a Norwegian fish store EGERSUND SEAFOOD and a boutique chain for Silenza, an underwear brand.

Video is a top-priority data carrier

We generate ideas, look for contractors and perform an author supervision staying in full control of video clips production.

We work with a wide scope of formats, including TV footages, visual installations for rock shows, 360° videos, branded content for social media, etc.

We cooperate with film directors all over the world.

We created over 20 clips for Ostankino, over 15 clips for OLX, and over 5 clips for Nova Poshta.

Our clients

Company owners, founders, businessmen, doers. We call them FATHERs. They are people who create the world. They are wise, brave and powerful. They are charismatic leaders who have a passion for and try to move beyond of what they do.

We cooperate with famous brands such as category leaders, rock stars, sport stars, state corporations and administrations. Most of these have been our partners for many years.

For the last year our product category dropped by 7%, but we grew by 25%. We believe this happened thanks to the marketing abilities of FEDORIV.

Sergey Popov,
Co-owner and Commercial Director of the largest meat-processing plant Ostankino in Russia

During the period from August to December 2013 sales of Galicia juices increased seven fold

Taras Barshchovskiy,
Owner of the enterprise Yabluneviy Dar about the Galicia brand

I looked for a long time to find the artists and producers who could implement my idea — to leave the traditional Rock'n'Roll format, its hard beat and dynamic, and instead tell the story of XXI century makind. Such remarkable people were found in Kyiv. I am happy to report that everything is perfect in Ukraine regarding charisma and brains.

Yuriy Shevchuk, DDT music band, "Inache" Show

we inspire to create
Business needs energy to grow
A boost of inspiration and emotions is sometimes more important than knowledge
Only people with their eyes burning can move ahead and create new things
We are interested in everything that lies at the intersection of business and creativity
We perform, moderate, organize forums and conferences
We invite speakers from all over the globe, hold private workshops for our customers and partners
We do boost!
Ask us to come to you or visit our FEDORIV Hub


A unique multimedia venue in the heart of Kyiv, where we have held over 200 events

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We perform, moderate and invite speakers from all over the globe

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Inspiration for business

Throughout a year, we inspire you and your employees by giving classes and workshops on branding and the new economy

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Upcoming events in FEDORIV Hub


This is our annual magazine on business and creativity.
The magazine is all about Founding Fathers since we write about people who shape the world, about FATHERs. The magazine is designed to narrate creators about themselves, about their ideas and achievements.

Read the latest issue devoted to the future and the new economy.



This is a design blog from our chief designer.
In his blog, he publishes the pieces of design he considers to be worth attention.


Daryna Zholdak Foundation

The Foundation focuses on projects that promote reading, and the development of the Ukrainian language, culture and arts. Besides, the Foundation helps orphanages and child health centres.

50 exceptional full-time professionals
10 years of common experience of the core team
10-year specialized practice of each leader
Being motivated due to a system of partnership and results-focus
Virtual Office — IT system that optimizes all kinds of communication processes inside and outside the company
Andriy Fedoriv

Founder and chief methodology architect.
«Trace in advertising» youngest winner.
Chairman of the All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition.

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Kyiv, Ukraine
5 Velyka Vasylkovska street, Arena City
5th Floor